Saturday, June 27, 2020

Shannon Fabrics and Odif Ambassador Challenge: The Crocodile

Welcome to a fun collaboration between Shannon Fabrics and Odif.

Here's what the Cuddle Kit (and raw inspiration for the challenge) looked like, fresh-in-the-box. Everything was pre-cut and instructions for a simple row quilt were included. But, as per usual, I had a crazy idea. I decided to make the Friendly Stuffed Crocodile from Sew 4 Home. 

Because Cuddle fabrics have the potential to shed, I pre-treated the back of each piece with Fabric Booster according to the instructions. It's very important to shake the Fabric Booster first, as it differs from starch, and will shoot white gluey globs if you completely disregard the printed specifications (you know, in case anybody was ever silly enough to do that). It also critical that you protect your iron with parchment paper, or it will make for a very sticky situation (in case anybody was ever silly enough...). And if you're going to use DK5 to deal with that. make sure you cool your iron first. Ok folks, I admit it. I'm a hot mess! But if you don't follow in my footsteps, you'll be 👌. 
In any event, fluff distribution was nearly eliminated.

I sprayed the back of my pieces with 808 Reactivating Adhesive. It affixes with heat, and pieces with it applied can be removed from fabric without leaving residue.

I used Sewing Edge Stops to align my raw edge when sewing the pieces. Even if you are tempted, don't over-stuff the feet. The tutorial knows what it's talking about in this regard, and you'll want to not have them slipping around when you stitch together the body. (I may have learned this the hard way too.)

For the felt eyes, I sprayed the back with 606 Iron On Adhesive to hold them in place for appliqué.

Anyhow, the fabrics are so precious and soft. 

And of course, the kids love this stuffy!

Thanks for joining me!

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