Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Teacher Quilt: Binding

There is plentiful information about quilt blocks and tops online, in magazines, and in books. Poor binding, however, gets the short end of the stick when it comes to air time. I'm guilt of this too. Most often I neglect to mention the binding at all, or if I do, I might give fabric details. That's pretty much it. Today I thought I'd show you a few pointers as to my method. Also, I'm better at pinning than I am act productivity, so I do have a Pinterest board on the topic of binding.

First off, I use a Frixion pen to mark 45 degree angle lines on one end of each 2 1/2" strip. 

As a side note, these pens are not originally intended for fabric, and will leave a shadow of original markings even after heat has been applied. If the material gets cold, you may find a complete reappearance. Don't use them to mark quilting designs on the top of your quilt. View a cautionary illustration below. For purposes such as marking binding joins, though, I like them a lot.

Then I join the strips, stitching a hair closer to right side of the line (nearest the outer corner) so that pressing results in a smooth line. I press open and trim to 1/4". You can see the Diagonal Seam Tape pictured, which I highly recommend for aligning pieces such as these. I mist with starch and press the binding in half . Then I stitch it to the back of the quilt 3/8" from the edge if I will be machine stitching the other side. I stitch it to the front, if I intend to hand stitch the other side of the binding. I start in the middle of a side, leaving a tail to attach to the other end.

Still a bit remiss, I didn't photograph going around a corner. I did a post a long while ago, and I'm changed my technique a bit, but this portion remains the same if you want to check it out. As for connecting the two ends, the overlap should measure the width of your binding (2 1/2"). I fold the end of the top side at a 45 degree angle facing toward the quilt top. I lay the other end inside as it naturally falls.

I fold the top strip back over and since the middle two layers with my fingers, pulling outward gently. 

I stitch on the diagonal crease. Then I pull the binding into place to asses if my sizing was correct. 

If so, I cut the seam allowance to 1/4".

I refold the binding and lay it back in place. Then I stitch the gap closed.

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