Monday, July 8, 2019

Quilt Market: Andover

Andover Fabrics has some of my favorite people under its label. I've had a long-running appreciation for Alison Glass and her innovation with fabric and products. Her Quilt Market booth this year had a sleek, straight-forward approach. Numerous quilts were safety pinned by a corner and hung for display to provide industry merchandisers a chance to see how her patterns and fabrics look off the pattern cover and in the real world. You can also check out Alison's booth tour on IG. Scroll down for left, right, the center of attention (Alison Glass herself), and a close-up.

Booth columns also had featured displays.

So pretty!

I had the pleasure of meeting Guiseppe of Giucy Guice and catching a peek of his upcoming fabric lines, including Declassified coming in October, Spectrastatic, and Quantium coming in 2020. On the right is the Netherlands quilt, quilted by Orchid Owl Quilts.

I must leave you with some very impressive micro paper-piecing shown in the Mini Series patterns.

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  1. Wow, Thank you for sharing! I LOVE all of those bright colors!!

  2. I saw pix of Alison's booth on IG, and all I could think about was WOW--look at all those quilters working for free to get a quilt in Alison's booth. Glad that there are so many who love her fabrics (myself included). Thanks for this tour, too! (I'm laughing at seeing the difference between this post -- with no giveaway -- and the Marcia Derse post, with oodles of comments.) All your Market posts are fun to read :)