Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Quilt Market: Michael Miller

Today I'm sharing a couple favorite booths from the Michael Miller section of Quilt Market in Kansas City. The top quilt is the Meadowland Quilt by Then Came June. The Penelope Dress by Violette Field Threads is in the back corner and features Around Town in Soft White.

Sarah Jane has a new collection to accompany the children's book she co-created with her husband.

Lola Dutch is a feisty little lady (regarded as too much by her friend Bear) with big ideas, an affinity for reading, and animal pals. The dress on the left is the Polly Pinafore by Bebekins. On the right is the Georgia Vintage Dress by The Cottage Mama featuring At The Library in Soft White, Lola and Friend in Cherry and Lola Dutch Parade in Pink.

Lola Dutch features four double border prints, a couple stripes, blenders, and many feature prints. It will ship July 15.

Rob Appell of Man Sewing was live in the Michael Miller booth taking footage for the Making It Fun YouTube channel. I declined an interview because I view live videos like tattoos. Some people can pull them off really well. (Here's looking at you, Rob!) As for me, I'm intimidated by the coupling of spontaneity and perminance. However, you can totally check out those with more guts and glory.

A couple projects in Cotton Couture were featured. On the left is the French Macaroon quilt pattern by Modern Handcraft.

Curiosity by Sandra Clemons has some very darling prints. The foxes are perfect for  trendy youths.

The quilt shown on the top right is Woven In by Kate Colleran of Seams Like a Dream.

The quilt on the right is the Hanna's Houses Quilt  (48" x 56") by Audrey Mann of The Cloth Parcel.

The green dress on the far right is the Annie Dress by Violette Field Threads.

On the far right is the Kennedy Dress by Violette Field Threads. On the left is the Savannah Dress.

Are you ready for strawberries, young ladies who frolic with wild animals, foxes, books, and tutus? I am!

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  1. A lot to process in this post--mostly that juvenile prints are going strong, and if I had a little girls, I'd be all set for dressing her up in cottons (that I would have to iron--No thanks). But they all do look really cute!
    Nice reporting, Ace Reporter!