Friday, August 23, 2013

This Week...

I'm linking up with: 

1. Linnea, motivated by my laptop sitting on the floor, figures out how to crawl over to it so she can hit the keys. She also managed to do a somersault, by mistake, as a result of being up on her hands and feet. She claps.

2. Bryce wrote my name and his (Bryce & Afton).

3. Motivated by my husband inviting a coworker (who's wife was away on business) over for dinner, I bought ingredients and actually cooked. I tend to get carried away grocery shopping, so I'm now obligated to make quite a few more meals before the ingredient overflow rots. I recommend this recipe for cauliflower and this tilapia recipe.

4. My living room light filled with water and blew out the light bulbs. I don't know why, but that isn't good.

5. I put the finishing touches on a pattern for a quilt shop sample featuring Northcott's Peacock Paradise II. Here's a peek:

6. I sold $272 worth of raffle tickets for the guild fundraiser quilt during Shop Hop.

7. My garage sale finds included: a huge bucket of Legos, 25 alphabet Peek-A-Blocks (yep, 26 would have been better), a Geotrax airport, a bunch of wild animal-themed stuffed animals, plastic Tinker Toys, some museum souvenir quilt patterns, and a dinosaur costume for my son for Halloween even though he wants to wear the reindeer costume my folks got him for Christmas.

8. I'm working on a quilt for this contest.

9. Awana started back up.

10. I attended a Norwex party.  I like Pampered Chef parties better because eating is more fun than cleaning.


  1. That quilt at number 6 is amazing. :)

  2. You're a busy gal! The water in the light thing doesn't sound good . . . yuck!

    Wanna come sell raffle tickets for me? Pretty please?