Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Quilt Bliss

I have just experienced the BEST WEEKEND EVER! Perhaps I am being a bit dramatic and my son, who optimistically insists each and every day is the BEST DAY EVER, is rubbing off on me. To my credit, I have been away at Quilt Bliss, a weekend retreat organized by the Utah County Modern Quilt Guild, where there was much to appreciate. 

First off, the accommodations are divine at the 26,000 square foot Timber Moose Lodge.

This enchanting hide-away boasts thirteen bedrooms with comfortable beds, a hot tub and pool, great views, and plenty of sewing space. 

Here's a peek into my bedroom, featuring three queen-sized bunks.

While my driving companions and I discovered the four-wheel drive vehicle requirement regarding the gravel road leading to Timber Moose was more than a suggestion, we made it to the formidable lodge in time for an elegantly prepared feast of pork tenderloin, green beans, salmon and scalloped potatoes. I will not soon forget dessert either--with its marshmallow snowmen, trio of yule logs, meringue mushrooms and chocolate-covered candies. 

Thank goodness this was not a fitness retreat, as I had no intention of restraint at the sight of the food, glorious food! This fine dining experience extended throughout the weekend, with an unending assortment of tasty delights.

It was a pleasure getting to know the talented women who attended, many of which are well-known fabric designers, quilt bloggers, or pattern designers such as Emily Herrick and Melissa Solecki.

I took advantage of the many optional classes included with the retreat. Amanda Woodruff gave great suggestions for fabric selection such as using a unifying solid color to tie together a quilt, balancing warm and cool colors, and excluding a color to make a desirable palette. Anna Morrison provided a step-by-step overview of paper-piecing so her students could create a free block designed by Anna of Six White Horses.

Kristin Barrus expressed the importance of journaling by sharing her late mother's beautiful watercolor journals and providing suggestions from her personal organization of quilt records. I learned a few helpful knots for hand appliqué and played around with fabric dyeing under the guidance of Jeanette Hartvigsen.

Emily Sessions gave some pointers regarding quilting and Leigh Hansen reminded everyone of the value of time to create. Amy Smart provided ample ideas for how to use scraps in her class, which resulted in these beauties.

The trunk shows from JoyLyn RigbySarah Jane Wright, Sherri McConnell, Erika Bartlett, and the Utah County Modern Quilt Guild were quite inspirational.

Sarah Jane

Sarah's Jane's Autograph
(Yes, I'm that groupie.)

Sherri McConnell

Sherri McConnell

What's more, there was SWAG. Check out the bountiful loot I scored from the sponsors!

I also won some fabulous prizes.

I participated in the Secret Friend swap too. I created this wall-hanging using the Lone Star tutorial on Better Off Thread.

These are the treasures I received in return from Pamela Cardell. Aren't I lucky?

The low volume and text print fabric swaps were a rousing success as well.

Now I've unpacked the bag I made for my trip using a free pattern tutorial by Jennifer Mathis. I'd say they are quite a match.

Bye, Bye, Quilt Bliss. I will miss you. Until next year...


  1. Oh wow that sounds like a fantastic retreat! I've never been to one, but it is on my list for the next year or so. Your little paper pieced star is very cute, and I love what you did with the lone star! The purple looks great with all those brights in the star.

  2. Fantastic post! I should have just waited for your post and directed my readers to you. Haha! Until next year!

  3. That looks like an amazing retreat! You definitely cleaned up and I love the digs - that is the first time I have ever seen bunked queen beds. I'm attending my first quilting getaway in April through my guild and I can't wait!

  4. So glad you had a wonderful time! Thank for the amazing recap ~ couldn't have said it better myself.