Friday, March 7, 2014

The Crafty Traveler

Why should my delightful fabric stash be relegated to the shelves of my sewing room, my walls, and my beds? Shouldn't it be allowed to experience traveling the world, or at least the country? I suppose being pieced into bee blocks and shipped out to my talent bee mates counts, but I didn't want the journeying to end there. My fabric needed more chances to get out of the house. Thus, my version of the Crafty Traveler Tote was created. I consider myself more of a quilt person, usually, but my year-old diaper bag wasn't what it once was, to put it lightly. When three times throughout the wash couldn't bring back its former glory, I grabbed up an Amy Butler print and began cutting pieces and parts for a new bag. 

I'm pretty happy with the result. I changed the lines of stitches from what was suggested on the instructions so the inside pockets would better fit the range of items I regularly carry. I think I would have enjoyed some pockets on the front and back too, as I don't think you can ever have enough. Perhaps a sew-in clip for my keys that have a habit of hiding wouldn't have hurt either. I should have secured the top of the straps better with a shorter stitch length and maybe going over it multiple times. All in all, it's not too shabby for a bag novice.

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  1. Hurray for bag making! That is such a great print for a bag too.