Monday, January 5, 2015

Round Robin - Laura's Quilt

I would like to present to you Laura Capello of Thread Up Studio's Round Robin quilt.
It began with the sun in the center, and was followed up with Kathy's warm-colored stitch and flip triangle mound.
Joy added Anna Maria Horner feathers, and came up with an "Earth, Wind, and Fire" theme, to which Lisa added water.
Using free paper-piecing patterns from the Quilt Talk blog hop, I added text to visually express our theme.
I incorporated the color schemes of each section on a low-volume black and white background, to give some repetition to the top.
 Have you ever incorporated text in a quilt? If it's on your bucket list, check out my Pinterest board.
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  1. I like your text addition to the quilt! You did a great job matching up the text colors with the fabrics already existing in the fabric.

  2. They look great on this quilt! This quilt evolved in a really interesting way, I love the way a group can create such interesting quilts!

  3. The text is a great addition :)