Saturday, March 7, 2015

Quilt Con: Favorites Part II

Welcome back to a showcase of some of my favorites from Quilt Con. If you missed my pervious post, it's over here.
Here in Albuquerque, quilters are rather inundated with the southwestern theme. Kokopelli's, chili peppers, and pottery motifs abound. Even so, a less literal interpretation of the theme can really give a nice flavor to modern quilts. I love how the half square triangles transition Flight Path from one background color to another.

Flight Path by Mary Menzer

A gradation of color and/or value within modern quilts can really draw a viewer's focus. Love in the digital age accomplishes this well. Icy Waters is another example of this concept.
Love in the Digital Age by Kristin Shields
Heather Pregger has an entire series of Turning Fork quilts. It's genius how she takes a minimalistic block and repeats it across the quilt in different values to make an overall impression.
Turning Fork #12 by Heather Pregger
I enjoy how Wake Up! Wake Up! is one part Emerald City and one part stained glass window. Trapezoids deserve some respect!
Wake Up! Wake Up! by Amy Dame
What do you get when you put a lovely trim in the enlarger machine from Honey, I Blew Up the Kid? Eggs and Darts, of course!
Eggs and Darts by Amanda Leins
Let's do a double play on the enlarger machine, shall we?
Eggs and Darts by Amanda Leins
The warm colors of Road Between the Lines seem to have a mind of their own. Stephanie Ruyle's has a very modern, fine art predisposition.
Road Between the Lines by Stephanie Ruyle
The poison arrows in Hollie Lobosky's quilt are a nice, original accent shape.
Shoot That Poison Arrow by Hollie Lobosky
Pick-Up Sticks is a fun take on an improv star.
Pick-Up Sticks by Becky Goldsmith
Glitch! certainly has the concept of bold, graphic design down pat. I love the three color combination too.
GLITCH! by Susan Strong
Bauble is the total package -- vivid color, phenomenal quilting, and a striking design.
Bauble by Emily Cier
These birds are so smart.
Folded Flock by Jenna Brand
This color palette is so appealing.
Sunburst Quilt by Tara Faughnah
Gradient is classic beauty through simplicity.
Gradient by Alys Gagnon

Infinite Whispers is low-volume love through and through.
Infinite Whispers by Jennifer Chan
Face #1 is artistically brilliant.
Face #1 by Melissa Averinos
I'd call For Tanya a masterpiece of modern art. Emily's use of color makes the sky glow and the sunlight sparkle on the water. Brilliant, just brilliant.
For Tanya by Emily Coffey
Jodi did a nice job pairing her quilting with the design in a way that truly compliments the quilt.
Tiki Dilemma by Jodi Robinson

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  1. I was specially interested to see the Pick Up Sticks design, as I have an almost identical one drawn up in EQ7, with one test block made. It just shows that several people can have the same idea at the same time, which one of your commenters was doubting in a previous post.