Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Galaxy of Stars Quilt Show in Roswell, NM

This past weekend I attended the biannual Galaxy of Stars Quilt Show hosted by the Pecos Valley Quilters in Roswell, New Mexico. I thought you might enjoy seeing some of my favorites.
Let's start off with the designated best of the best, Best of Show. The ultimate winner was Michelle Watts Pueblo Rhapsody, a wholecloth tattooed with Shiva Paintstiks and micro-quilted intricately by Jackie Brown.
Pueblo Rhapsody by Michelle Watts, Quilted by Jackie Brown
Another star of the show wasn't technically in the show, but one couldn't help but notice the guild's opportunity quilt to support the Good Samaritan and Loves & Fishes of Roswell. It was designed by J. Michelle Watts and quilted by Joy McCulloch.
Pecos Valley Quilters Raffle Quilt for Charity
The back is a second quilt in its own right. The sleeve is even pieced to not disrupt the pattern. Talk about attention to detail! Unfortunately, none of my tickets ended up being the winning one, but money donated to food pantries isn't going to evoke any feelings of buyer's remorse.
Back Side of Pecos Valley Quilters Charity Raffle Quilt
Nor is my purchase of Farm Girl Vintage. After all, isn't Merri Rhodes' version adorable? The judge thought so and awarded it second place in the Pieced/Machine Quilted Throw category.
My Challenge by Merri Rhodes, Quilted by T. Charles White
Vicki Conley's Grand Prismatic Spring was a wonder to behold. It also caused me to add another item to my bucket list. Congrats on first place in the Art Quilt category, Vicki!
Grand Prismatic Spring by Vicki Conley
There's something so captivating about pointy points and trails of flying geese. Running in Circles by Donice Hays and quilted by Joy McCulloch was awarded first in the Group Wallhanging category.
Running in Circles by Donice Hays, Quilted by Joy McCulloch
Double Wedding Ring by Nancy Richburg
Quilted by Joy McCulloch

Joy also quilted Suz Flynt's Cattails in the Meadow exquisitely. I'd love to know how she managed those banana-like designs in the background.
Cattails in the Meadow by Suz Flynt
Quilted by Joy McCulloch

It was Nancy Richburg's Double Wedding Ring, which Joy also quilted, that earned top honors for Machine Quilting, likely wooing the judge with perfect miniature circles. Nancy and Joy also brought home first place for Pieced/Machine Quilted Group Queen/King with this traditional piece.
Double Wedding Ring by Nancy Richburg
Quilted by Joy McCulloch

I enjoyed Jamie Boling's Playing the Blues quilt. What a fun design for a music enthusiast!
Playing the Blues by Jamie Boling, Quilted by R. Charles White
Some quilts just make a person smile. It's hard not to be comical when you dress up donkeys in skirts. Kathy Hendricks should be smiling, as Donkey Divis' earned Judge's Choice and second in the Individual Wallhanging category.
Donkey Divis' by Kathy Hendricks
Speaking of funky animals, Alexis Swoboda's Geraldine is quite the gorgeous long-necked critter. Pam Holland offers this beauty as a class.
Geraldine by Alexis Swoboda

It's great to see quilts I've admired online brought to life. Radio City Music Hall by Marsha Allen, a product of Christa's Paper-Pieced Quilt Along, is one such example.

Radio City Music Hall by Marsha Allen

Night Flowers 2 by Carol Meyer, second place in Hand Appliqué, is a beautifully executed example of William Morris-inspired and appliqué. The pattern for this piece was written by Michele Hill.
Night Flowers 2 by Carol Meyer
Carol Meyer is no stranger to detail and ambitious projects. My Pi, second place in Hand Piecing, certainly exemplifies this.
My Pi by Carol Meyer
I assure you, these hexagons were crazy tiny!
My Pi by Carol Meyer
Millie by Brenda Britt captured high contrast and scrappiness very successfully in her third place Pieced/Machine Quilted Throw.
Millie by Brenda Britt, Quilted by R. Charles White
Oversized-blocks-turned-quilt are such a clever idea. The Largest Paper Star by Katie Gwartney Roehik was a a pleasing combination of primary colors, great modern prints, and minimalistic design.
The Largest Paper Star by Katie Gwartney Roehik
The Winter Quilters of Sierra County entered their raffle quilt, Mexican Star Dance,  in the show and were awarded Honorable Mention in the Pieced/Machine Quilted Group Queen/King category. Their Gathering of Quilts show will be February 24-25.
Mexican Star Dance
Winter Quilters of Sierra County Raffle Quilt
Viewer's Choice and second in the Pieced/Machine Quilted Group Queen/King went to Martha J. Brown for Gems in the Desert. She began with a Michele Watts pattern, and build her own medallion design in a subdued color scheme. The quilting by Richard Larson was a show-stopper.
Gems in the Desert by Martha J. Brown
Quilted by Richard Larson
Richard Larson also quilted Michelle Watts' weaving-inspired Burntwater, recipient of the third place award for Pieced/Machine Quilted Group Queen/King.
Burntwater by J. Michelle Watts
Quilted by Richard Larson
It features a great variety of motifs.
Burntwater by J. Michelle Watts
Quilted by Richard Larson

Thanks for doing me today. I'll be back with my entries and how they fared in the competition.
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  1. Wow, thank you for sharing these beauties!

  2. Wow. I really like Burntwater. However, I am in love with the giraffe :)

  3. So cool to always see the show recaps, I know it's a lot of effort. Lovely as ever to see one of my mom's. You should definitely go to yellowstone, it really has such a variety of beautiful unique things to see. Did you have any quilts in the Roswell show? I've entered in past years but wasn't organized enough to get quilts to my mom in time this year. I especially like the one with the pieced back and the Mexican Star Dance raffle quilt. Something about the light/dark teal with orange really attracts me.

  4. Really enjoyed seeing these - I love the quilt back!

  5. Thanks for sharing the quilts: it's amazing what quilters create!! Hugs, H

  6. My favorite was the Grand Prismatic Spring. It really is something else to see, even though you'd really have to climb the neighboring mountain to get the best view. The quilt really is so beautiful! Thanks for the show.

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