Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Gridster Blocks: May

Rachel of The Life of Riley, on Instagram as @rachel_thelifeofriley, was queen of the Gridster Bee this month. She chose literal bee blocks using the Piece by Number Honey Bee Pattern resized to make a 10" block.
You can view Rachel's instructions at her instructional blog post. She requested realistic colors for the bees and a contrasting purple or blue background. My first block, shown below, was a bit too close in value for the brown and orchid background, so I made the block shown above in case it didn't pass quality inspection. I'm sending both blocks, and leaving it up to Rachel.
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  1. I think both are great blocks and will likely get used by Rachel one way or another. We have some all black bumble bees around here that a fascinating to me to look at... from a safe distance.

  2. Oh pretty, and I love your fabric choices :)

  3. That's a cute block, and I'm sure Rachel will use both of them!

  4. So cute.I love your fabric combo!

  5. Oooh! Love those flowers in the second block, but she may like both of them. (I do!)

  6. This looks like a fun block to make!