Thursday, July 13, 2017

Southern New Mexico Festival of Quilts

In late June, I attended the Southern New Mexico Festival of Quilts in Alamogordo, NM. Today I thought I'd share a few quilts from the show. My apologies for the lack of information. There was no identification on the quilts, or in the show program. So here are my anonymous favorites, with the exception of the information I could find on the festival Facebook page.
I suspect these on-point, batik stars were paper-pieced.
I enjoyed the non-standard grid layout of this sampler.
Feathers, which was pieced by Susan Petty and quilted by Kittie Suchimming, was awarded Viewer's Choice Second Place.
Feathers by Susan Petty, Quilted by Kittie Schimming
The same computerized quilting design was repeated in varying sizes within this densely quilted beauty.
Feathers by Susan Petty, Quilted by Kittie Schimming
Jean Bolton of Mayhill took Viewers Choice First Place for her original design, Mystic Trees, which was quilted by Kittie Schimming.
Mystic Trees by Jean Bolton, Quilted by Kittie Schimming
The stained glass effect on these was very pretty.
The raffle quilt using Sue Rasmussen's Robots Gone Wild pattern was very cute.
That's all for now, but I'll be back with a special exhibit and an instructor's featured work.
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  1. In 2008 and 2009, I visited Alamogordo on business trips! My co-workers did an eyeroll when I found, and we visited the quilt store there. What a treat that Alamogorda has a quilt show. Too bad it wasn't running during those visits - I would have loved to take my co-workers to it.

  2. Thank you for taking me to the quilt show, love the star quilt.