Monday, October 15, 2018

Quick Halloween Crafting

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While I love quilting, sometimes it's nice to balance more extensive sewing projects with some almost-instant gratification, while flexing my creative muscles. 

To get my fix of holiday decor, without breaking the budget (aka still have $ left for a fabric) or making the project too complicated for my kids to help, I headed to Dollar Tree.

I'm pretty sure this cauldron of cuteness took me less than half a minute. I filled one of their trick or treating buckets with white shredded paper. Then I topped it off with some chocolate eyes, table tennis balls (to mimic bubbles), and frog bath toys. You could also trade in the plain table tennis balls for eyeball ones, or add extra items like a rat or spider. The practical thing about this, is that it doubles as a bucket of treats for trick or treaters. Just drop a frog and some candy in their bags as costumed kids come to your door.

Cauldron of Cuteness

My next project involves a glass bowl, a glass candle holder, candies, and a candle. Making this one was as easy as setting the candle in the glass candle holder, and the glass candle holder in the bowl. Then I slid the candy in between the glass candle holder and the bowl, first positioning the larger items, and then filling in with the smaller ones, shaking things around to help them fall into place.

Spooky Filled Candle Bowl

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  1. Happy Hallooooooween! Fun projects to put together in a flash. I wanted to make the Gourdy Guys Wreath (do a search) but then got ahold of myself and finished doing the laundry. Maybe next year, or else I could try your decorating tricks!