Saturday, November 17, 2018

Schoolhouse: Bloc_loc

I swear by my 6 1/2" Bloc_loc HST Square Up Ruler. Perhaps, I actually swear less on account of it. Aside from plain ol' squares and rectangles, HST are my most frequently produced unit. That's why saving time making them accurately amounts to a big deal. If you're making two HST at a time by adding 7/8" to your finished size, it's supposed to come out perfectly. Except it doesn't; it always shrinks. That's why friends don't let friends cut 7/8". Besides, those tiny 7/8" ruler lines are a pain to see. Instead, I always cut 1" bigger, and trim them down with my aforementioned 6 1/2" Bloc_loc HST Square Up Ruler and my Olfa rotating mat. They're a winning combination. Well, maybe it's a threesome with my Olfa Splash

Where was I? Oh yes, Bloc_loc's new ruler! They're coming out with a HST On Point ruler for Square in a Square action. The markings are for the finished size. I'm hoping for a video tutorial.

Janna and Paul Thomas are a whirlwind of creativity. They showed wide assortment of quilts that they promise to be much easier than they look.

Isn't this one striking with the gray and white highlighting the colors? Triangles in a Square are really impressive.

Janna has authored another book that features the Bloc_Loc ruler collection, TIS [Triangle in a Square] Fantastic. It features projects with multiple block size options.

This project for the book is called Red Velvet, and uses the TIS, KIS, and FG rulers.

The Schoolhouse presentation was one stunner after another.

The audience was encouraged to consider combining the different units the rulers create to make detailed combinations.

Have you tried Bloc_loc Rulers? Which ones?

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  1. I love the HST and the Flying Geese. I want more but they are expensive on my retirement budget.

  2. No, sorry to say I’ve never afforded myself this ruler. But I can see how it might be a game changer!

  3. Yes I love my BL rulers. I have the 2.5-6.5 sqs, use them a lot. Also the HST smaller one. And the KIS.

  4. I swear by my Bloc Loc rulers too! I have the HST in 4 sizes, but would love to have a half rectangle one too!