Monday, April 1, 2019

Vibrant Celebration Complete

My Vibrant Celebration quilt is like my children. While I’ve dedicated countless hours to it, I wouldn’t have it any other way. I’ve enjoyed how it has challenged me to learn and improve. I’ve cherished tending to all the little details that make it special. When I step back and look at all its beautiful traits, I am so proud. 

I’d like to thank Amanda for the detailed instruction and wonderful video tutorials, as well as Bernina for hosting an incredible Quilt Along. It has been a pleasure. I’ve loved making Jubilee my own!

My binding is two-toned: pink on the front and teal on the back. This was accomplished by attaching a 1" pink strip to a 1 3/4" teal strip. The seam allowance was pressed and trimmed to minimize bulk before being folded in half as you would for a traditional double fold binding. I sewed the binding, pink side facing the top, to the front with my machine. Then I pressed it outward, folded it to the back, ran a thin line of glue along the line of stitching on the back, working in sections. I pressed the binding over and set it in place, as the glued dried with the heat of the dry iron. This is how I assure that my binding will remain even as I hand stitch it to the back, along with the bottom half of the quilt sleeve I stitched into the binding.

Here are some of my favorite gratuitous photos for the visually ininhibited.

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  1. Absolutely gorgeous! All the hours that you put into this quilt were worth it. I do hope that you will enter it in some shows. It deserves a wider audience. I have not seen the two tone quilt binding before, it sets off the quilt beautifully. Congratulations on a job well done!

  2. I don't know quite where to comment on all these, so I'll do it at the top, the post that led them all off in a lovely Tula parade. I loved reading all these posts, one right after another, and sunk deeply into a Tula-FMQ-fussy cutting haze, taking it all in.

    What a gorgeous quilt, with all kinds of symbolism, carefully cut (blenderized) pieces of fabric and intriguing additions of buttons and sparkles and feathers. A masterpiece, Afton! Topped off by the two-tone binding, this quilt exemplifies the best of what you bring to it. Thank you so much for giving us a comprehensive (and filled with Afton-witticisms) narration; it was a satsifying read this morning. Bravo!