Monday, June 3, 2019

Quilt Market: Cotton + Steel and Ruby Star Society

If you follow the shifts within the quilt industry like a hedge fund manger follows the market (or if you're an avid designer fabric collector, such as myself) you may have heard the original designers of Cotton + Steel, the modern division of RJR which was the brain-child of Melody Miller begun in 2013,  left the brand in spring of 2018. In October of the same year, it was announced that Melody Miller, Alexia Marcelle Abegg, Rashida Coleman-Hale, Kimberly Kight and Sarah Watts would be collaborating with Moda under the Ruby Star Society label. Their first collections with Moda will be out next month according to the Moda blog.

What did all of this look like for Spring Market?

The ladies of Ruby Star Society were present in their captivating booth of vibrant, modern garments, totes, and quilts contrasting with a stark black wall.

The upcoming fabrics include a Speckled blender and some reminiscent prints.

RJR took a minimalistic approach. In leu of fabric, printed papers illustrated upcoming lines on two sides of a dividing wall. One side used tiled origami shapes to reveal the next stop on Cotton + Steel's Around the World tour --- Netherlands.

The other side featured cut-out hearts.

On a table, I caught a glimpse of the new collection swatches.

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  1. Is it heresy to admit that I like the new Cotton & Steel a whole lot better than the old C & S? Maybe it's just because I only need one horse print, ever? They were a game change, for sure, and with RJR continuing with a designer group, and now AMH with her "conservatory." Thanks for your continuing look at Market's trends and designers.