Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Half Yard Jam with Fat Quarter Shop

Today I get to share a really quick make of bed-size proportions (90" x 90" to be exact). The Half Yard Jam exercised my stitching fingers with a pre-cut that I haven't given as much attention as my go-to fat quarter stacks --- the half yard bundle.

Snatch up the free Shortcut Quilt pattern for Half Yard Jam, and procure 18 half yards. My bundle only had ten, so I doubled up. 

You could also combine a couple different bundles by the same designer, or with a coordinating theme or color scheme, if the bundle is short of 18.

Since this endeavor is big enough to top my king bed (though there isn't a ton of drape), I wanted something suitably masculine. I let my husband weigh in on this one.

However, I love fabrics designed by Bonnie Christine, and the luxurious drape and silky hand of Art Gallery fabrics anyhow. 

With these prints I can actually have bed bugs, and not be too disturbed about it. Though, I did have one night recently....
In the darkness I felt something like a small pinch on my arm. My automated response was to jerk my limb away. Wanting to reassure myself that it was all in my head, I turned on the lights. Then I caught sight of a green little one poised on my white comforter. Knowing that I didn't want to relive the experience, I scooped it into a cup, took a picture as photographic evidence should anyone doubt my story in the morning, and relocated the insect to the outside balcony. I have no idea how it made it all the way upstairs and into my bed, but I much prefer my bugs in fabric, than so up close and personal when I'm trying to doze.

I chose Capsules Terra Kotta Rippling Terrain for the binding. It picks up colors from the other prints, but has a nice topography or wood grain appearance visible even in a tiny visible sliver.

This was such a pleasant make. 

It'd be perfect for fabrics you can't hardly bring yourself to chop up, but would like to enjoy as a quilt, rather than a shelved stack. 

The process was straight-forward. Basically, you cut width of fabric strips, sew them into generously-sized strip sets, chop each in two,  sew into pairs, rotate alternating blocks 90 degrees, and piece the resulting blocks together like a colossal nine-patch.

I let my trusted professional long-armer, Tisha of Quilt Icing, take care of finishing my Half Yard Jam up with undulating curved lines. I wanted something subtle that didn't take away from how well the pattern highlights favorite prints.

Fat Quarter Shop has a kit featuring Homestead by April Rosenthal. You can also choose a bundle (or two) with 18 or more half yard cuts, or get really custom and self-select 18 fabrics to combine. I'd love to remake this with Tula's True Colors or Maureen's Cozy & Joyful.

Check out Fat Quarter Shop's blog post for even more details, and to see the other Half Yard Jam versions created by those quilting along.

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