Friday, July 9, 2021

Traffic Cone Quilt

Today's finish is a traffic cone quilt that I designed specifically because the Dear Stella fabric demanded it.

I made strip sets and put the angle lines on my ruler to good use. The first cut was 15 degrees.

The following cuts were 30 degrees.

I filled in the right and left sides with the background and trimmed to the desired block size.

The bottom of the block is a large rectangle of orange with blue rectangles pieced on either side.

I arranged six blocks in a circle.

I went overboard making strip sets, so I decided to use the extras for seminole-pieced top and bottom borders. There's a great YouTube video for that if you're interested.

I quilted the background with a straight-lined modification of loop-de-loops.

In the Project Linus stash, I found a brown fabric with traffic cones and construction things, so I chose that for binding.

Here's the final result! It'll be off to Project Linus tomorrow.

Have you ever had a fabric that cried out for a certain design?