Sunday, March 20, 2022

QuiltCon 2022 Favorites Part I

I came. I saw. I took a whole slew of QuiltCon 2022. My long awaited opportunity to skip town and meet up with some of my quilting buddies finally came. Moreover, I managed to bring back inspiration without bringing back infection. Whoo hoo! 

Take the Stairs (which means there's no easy way to reach a goal) by Charles Cameron was inspired by a 1965 Bruno Morassutti and Enzo Mari work. It's a take on how focusing on process over product brings personal growth.

Take the Stairs by Charles Cameron @FeltLikeSweets, Quilted by Carrie Hauser @lovebuglongarming

Memories of a pink velvet story time chair are reflected upon in the paper-pieced Aunt Sophie's Chair by Susan Brakeman. This is another example of color transitioning and negative space increasing as you transition across the quilt.

Aunt Sophie's Chair by Susan Brakeman @wildpoppyquilts

Falling Stars by Tighe Flanagan is a deconstruction of a traditional twelvefold geometric pattern. The entire quilt is composed of triangular patchwork units. Off-white ghost units were used to create negative space. 

Falling Stars by Tight Flanagan @tigheflanagan

Celebration by Irene Roderick plays with improvisational curves made with thin strips, and represents fireworks.

Celebration by Irene Roderick @hixsonir

Claire Victor English Paper Pieced shapes resembling pyramids with stiff ribbon piercing through them in Piercing Pyramids. The domestic machine quilting is meant to mimic ribbons.

Piercing Pyramids by Claire Victor @cvquilts

There were so many great quilts, so I hope to be back soon with more.


  1. These are all stunning. Since I wasn't able to make it this year, it's lovely to get to see these; thank you!

  2. Yes, thank you! I appreciate you sharing these and how close up they are. It really allows us to see the quilting. They are all amazing.