Sunday, November 2, 2014

Fun at the Craft Fair

My Mothers of Preschoolers group puts on an annual craft fair as their annual fundraiser. I was impressed by the quality of hand-made items featured. Here's a showing of my loot.

First up, I bought a handful of these scratchy, scrubbies. They remove cookware grime better than a washcloth or sponge, but don't scratch metal surfaces like stainless steel scrubbers. You can also throw them in the dishwasher, and use them over and over.
 I'll give you three guesses as to the composition of the longer beads. Did anyone say paper? I'm a sucker for the color coral, so this boxed set came home with me. I also bought some loose beads, in case they want to make their way onto an art quilt. I don't think it would do to wash them, even though they are coated in a lacquer. If you want your own, check out Paper Personalities by Steph.
 I am in denial about my daughter's refusal to keep a bow in her hair. Can you blame me? These are so cute!
Then there were the painted peg people. This Ninjago set caught my son's attention, but the crafter also had Breaking Bad, Star Wars, and Disney princess sets. Truth be told, my son is making Play Doh clothes for these figures as I type.
Bright Eyed Owl has an assortment of well-made baby items. I picked up a couple of these iSpy bags. They are flannel with a vinyl window on one side and minky on the other. Inside the bag, charms hide amongst clear pellets. A card shows the objects that are to be found within the bag. If you want to make your own, supplies can be found at HighPie on Etsy.
Local author, Jill Lane had gift sets available. Of course, we ended up taking on of these home since Linnea has a bear fetish like I have a fabric fetish. He's posable too! How could I resist? I suppose I didn't figure that out because he lives with us now.
What has been your favorite craft fair find?

P.S. Don't forget to get yourself in the running for the pattern giveaway.

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  1. that's a pretty cool haul! I love handcraft markets. What material are the scrubbers made of? I really loathe the steel scrubbers so these are looking appealing to me.

  2. I have bought too many handcrafted fair items to choose a favourite: bags, magnetic spiders, dolls clothes ... Our annual local festival is in two weeks and I am going to have to miss it! Boo hoo!
    Did you say Star Wars painted peg people?