Saturday, November 8, 2014

Quilt Market: The Fabrics - Art Gallery

If you haven't put yourself in the running for my giveaway yet, I wanted to remind you that there's only one day left! Now that I've got that covered, let me share a little more of the gorgeousness that occurred at Market.

Art Gallery Fabrics certainly didn't disappoint, unless you are going on a fabric diet. Then they are definitely not going to help you out.
Sharon Holland made all of the quilt samples for her Gossamer booth.
Sara Lawson's new line, Fantasia, will release your inner child. It's so whimsical and pretty.
Bonnie Christine pulled out all the stops with two gorgeous collections.
Leah Duncan's fall collection was inspired by her relocation to Austin, TX. It is gorgeous, just like her pervious lines.
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  1. I am still on creative input overload from all the quilt market fabulous pics. Sigh. If only I have unlimited time AND money.