Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Modern Quilt Guild Showcase: Part 3

Thanks for joining me for the continuation of my Modern Quilt Guild Showcase tour. For previous posts, see:
Tune In Next Week by Chawne Kimber, Quilted by Pamela Cole
This quilt originated as a Modern Quilt Guild fabric challenge sponsored by Michael Miller. The gray print reminded me of the stellated Sputnik satellites and early television antennae. Hence, it inspired this improvisational mid-century modern graphic design. The irregular, but always rectangular (often Log Cabin) shapes bounce up on the blank field with a sense of new vigor. Other regions of the design are playful deconstruction of the architecture.
City Center by Angie Henderson
Design Source: "Modern Log Cabin" by Art Gallery Fabric Staff in the Generation Q Magazine, January-February 2014 Edition
The colors in Jay McCarroll's Center City fabric and the pattern "Modern Log Cabin" seemed to be a perfect match. I followed the pattern for a few rounds then just started doing my own thing.
Folded Flock by Jenna Brand
Inspired by origami cranes, this quilt used improvisational piecing to create a flock of geese as well as arrows to signify movement.
Spiraling Out of Control by Christa Watson
Spiraling Out of Control is an explosion of line and color against a non-traditional background. It epitomizes my philosophy of imperfections, along with my enthusiasm for the modern quilting movement. Sometimes I feel like my ideas are spiraling out of control, and it's all I can do to keep them contained.
Pick Up Sticks by Becky Goldsmith
As a kid, I played with pick up sticks. This design reminds me of those colorful piles of skinny plastic sticks. It's also a little like an explosion, or lifeworks! I love the motion in this quilt! This quilt will be published by C&T in my upcoming book, The Practical Guide to Color.
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  1. I love Christa's enthusiasm and her description for Spiraling out of Control, and the colors in Pick up Sticks are so soothing to me.