Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Granny Maud's Girl

Here's a shout out for Carla of Granny Maude's Girl. I won this gorgeous, hand-made knitting bag in her second anniversary giveaway. While I don't knit, and probably shouldn't get into any additional hobbies that justify collecting fiber of one sort or another, I am certain I will get a good deal of use out of this lovely creation. I am so thankful for Carla's generosity, and her wonderful blog posts that enrich my day. 
Granny Maude's Girl Knitting Bag
In the spirit of Carla's generosity, I'm having a giveaway too. Hurry and enter before Nov. 27, when a winner will be drawn.
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  1. Carla's just the best, right? :D

  2. Of course, since I sent you the blue bag I realised I have to make myself a replacement! :)

  3. Wonderful Bag! cdahlgren at live dot com

  4. I've seen that blue bag in real life - it's gorgeous, lucky you!