Thursday, June 16, 2016

Quilt Market: Art Gallery

Art Gallery Fabrics is one of my favorite providers of quilting cottons. Their fabric has a very soft hand and luxurious drape. The Art Gallery designers have a very current aesthetic that I find highly appealing. I'd love to show you some of the upcoming lines presented at Quilt Market.
Hello, Ollie is Bonnie Christine's newest collection named after her daughter, which is abundant in sage and pinks, florals and swans. Permit me to shower you in photos of a booth jam-packed-with romantic beauty.
Here's the woman of the hour.
What's black and white and adorable all over? Katarina Rochella's Pandalicious collection.  It's full of imaginative prints in black, white, and pastel hues.
Amy Sinibaldi is back with Playground, a whimsical collection that hints of childhood freedom.
She has a post with more specifics on her blog too.
Sharon Holland blended together multicultural motifs and nature hues in her Tapestry collection.
I found both Dana Willard and her limited edition collection, Boardwalk Delight, to be pure fun.
Photo taken by Elizabeth @OPQuilt
It's filled with jovial ice cream, "eat it all" and flavor of the day text prints, sprinkles, candy dots, and even more jubilant designs.
Bari J. presented an eclectic collection of painted florals, pugs, geometrics, and letters in vibrant gem tones called Joie De Vivre.
Maureen Cracknell's Nightfall is a collection of knock-out prints rife with owls, moon phases, and rabbits.
Heartland is Pat Bravo's Scandinavian-inspired collection in taupe, yellow, and pine green.
See more about the quilting of this quilt on Kathleen's blog.
I'm excited to make a few of these collections my very own. What about you?
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  1. I was just looking through the catalog last night (don't know how I ended up with one) but your tour is much more vivid and interesting, as well as being waaaay more complete than the run-through I gave it. I recognize that shot at Boardwalk, of her signing your quilt square!

  2. I've only ever been to one quilt Market. It was amazing! Enjoy the memories