Sunday, June 19, 2016

Quilt Market: Cotton + Steel

The ladies of Cotton + Steel are definitely the cool kids on Quilt Market. They even had the Premiere Schoolhouse before Market officially offered. I'm going to plod ahead because I know you are dying in suspense, waiting to see their upcoming lines.
I'll let you hear an explanation of the collections from those who know best. 

How about I follow that up with some eye candy from the Market booth?.
Print Shop by Alexia Marcelle Abegg
Trinket by Melody Miller
Les Fleurs by Rifle Paper Co.
Lawn Diamonds Quilt by Sarah Schraw #Lawnquilt
Checkers Woven Basics
Raindrop by Rashida Coleman-Hale
Rotary Club by Kimberly Knight
From Porto with Love by Sarah Watts
Do you have a favorite? 
Also, Cotton+Steel is making all kinds of substrates now: rayon, double-gauze, canvas, lawn, etc. What do you recommend making with these? Any advice for getting them to behave in a quilt? Which would you consider to be strictly for clothing?
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  1. Thanks for sharing all the wonders from Market! I had a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to attend Market in Houston last October and seeing your posts helps me relive fond memories and envision myself surrounded once again by all the color and creativity.

  2. Thanks for sharing these pics from quilt market, it is awesome to be able to see the booths and their new prints!

  3. I actually ordered some of the rayon substrate to make a skirt from the Rifle collection, thanks to the swatch pack they gave us. Ditto on a piece of canvas. The rest were cottons, as they are more workable for me. Great write-up!