Saturday, August 19, 2017

Nursing Cover Tutorial

For those who are unfamiliar, a nursing cover is for breastfeeding when a mother prefers to be a little less exposed without hiding away in a bathroom. You put the strap around your neck so it will remain in place over a nursing baby without being held in place, as is necessary with a blanket. The boning is so that the mother can peek at her baby from straight above, making it much easier for her to position her baby. 
Supplies (May contain affiliate links.):
Washcloth ( Cut into 6" square keeping two edges intact.)
1/2 yard Boning (Cut to 16" with fabric sleeve extending over the plastic insert 1/2" on each end.)
2/3 yard Outer Fabric (Cut into 24" x 36" rectangle.)
2/3 yard Lining Fabric (Cut into a 21 1/2" x 34", 3" x 24" and a 3" x 9".)
3/4" D-Rings
Steam-a-Seam 2 1/4" Web
Place the washcloth square in the lower left corner of the right side of the Lining Fabric, aligning the raw edges of the cloth with the raw edges of the fabric. Pin and sew using an 1/8" seam around the sides and bottom, leaving the top open to create a pocket.
Press all sides of the Outer Fabric rectangle 1/2" toward the wrong side of the fabric using a Clover Hot Ruler
Press the sides and bottom over an additional 1/2".
Press the top over an additional 1". Open the most recent fold on each side back up so all sides are now folded over 1/2".

Lay the Lining fabric wrong sides together on the Outer Fabric, aligning with the inside creases. If the Lining Fabric isn't fitting properly, trim slightly to accommodate.
On the right side of the Outer Fabric, place 1/4" fusible webbing tape along each raw edge.
On the sides and bottom, remove the paper and press the Outer Fabric back in place. Stitch around the two sides and bottom with a 3/8" seam.
Center the boning along the raw edge of the top of the Lining Fabric with it curving away from the fabric. Pin in place.
Stitch the last 1/2" on the right and left sides (the fabric encasing the boning) down to the Lining Fabric.
Press the 3 1/2" rectangles in half, matching up the longer sides.
Stitch the long open side and one shorter end using a 1/4" seam allowance. For the 24" rectangle, taper toward the folded side at one end.

Cut the seam to 1/4".
Flip right sides out using a Dritz Quick Turn.
Top stich around each side of both strips 1/8" from the edge.
Slide the D-Rings on the 9" rectangle and fold in half. Sew a line to secure the D-Rings in place.
Pin the 24" tapered side of the strap beside the left side of the boning, matching the raw edge of the strap to the top of the Lining Fabric, with the strap extending onto the Lining.
Align the D-Ring side with the right side of the boning with the D-rings extending onto the Lining Fabric and the other ends aligned with the raw edge.
Press the Outer Fabric back over and stitch in place using a 7/8" seam.
Flip the sides of the strap the opposite direction, away from the Lining Fabric and over the 1" fold. Stitch in place.
There you have it--all ready for a customized baby gift!
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  1. Great tutorial! Such a beautiful nursing wrap, I wish I had one when I was nursing my little ones.

  2. That looks gorgeous, but I'm not sure what it's for? Is it for breastfeeding? What are the straps for? And the boning? Sorry, many years since I was a nursing mom. 😀 But I have a niece who just had a baby, so I'm interested in new products.

  3. Great tutorial, my nephews wife just had a baby yesterday and this would be a nice gift. Can I ask what the facecloth in the corner is for, I assume just for additional weight to keep the bottom down or wipe the baby's face possibly. You have something blue inserted in the facecloth on the last picture...just wondering what that is, do we need to do it as well?