Saturday, November 11, 2017

Quilt Market: Sew Fresh Quilts

Lorna of Sew Fresh Quilts came from Canada to Houston, Texas to share her animal patterns at Quilt Market. It was nice to meet her in person, as I've followed her blog for a while.

Aren't her designs fun?

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  1. My issue here is that many of her patterns are knock offs of Elizabeth Hartman. I worked in the textile industry, I understand the concept of making certain amount of changes to a design and then it's yours. As they say, nothing new under that sun, but I'm finding that in every way this is a copy, even to the very busy quilt.

  2. Thanks for pictures of Lorna's booth, I was so excited to hear she was going to be at Market and the booth looks great.

  3. Was she able to sell her patterns? I know that we can't sell in the us :(

  4. What I love about Lorna's patterns is that she achieves that cuteness with the basic quilting blocks... squares, rectangles, hst, etc. No paper piecing required.

    Not that I can't do paper piecing, but it's very time consuming and not every one wants to spend that amount of time making a quilt.