Saturday, February 17, 2018

Flame Seeker Pattern

Swooping in today is a beauty with a bad reputation (the moth, not the quilt block---mind you), thanks to the very well-written pattern by Lillyella. It's the Flame Seeker Mini Paper Piecing Pattern, finishing at 24" x 15". It includes an option with a skull on its thorax, mimicking the real Death's-head hawkmoth. If you want to lose yourself in some miscellaneous facts about the species, check out this article.

I used assorted navy, chartreuse, and turquoise scraps of fabric from Cotton + Steel and Art Gallery Fabrics. For good measure, I included some white, glow-in-the-dark Fairy Frost. I used a neutral 50 wt Aurifil thread so the seams would press nice and flat.

The pattern was well-written and professionally produced. I liked how units that were too large to fit without being separated were printed on the same page, and shapes in the solid black circles indicated what edges were to be matched.

The coloring sheet made it easy to try out different color schemes before slicing into beloved prints.

The fractured look is really fun! I tried to highlight the overall shape by putting the navy on the main body and around the outer edges of the wings.

I'm excited to see how this glows at night time, given that all the white spots should illuminate.

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  1. A coloring page for such a complicated block seems like a must. Your block looks great. I am off to go read those facts. :)

  2. What a unique and intricate block. Those fabrics are gorgeous as well.

  3. This is Danice from Homespun Hannah's Blog. What a unique and intricate block. Those fabrics are gorgeous as well.

  4. Awesome job, I have to say!!! I've seen this moth other places lately, but I love what you did with the C&S fabrics. Bravo!

  5. I like that you "outlined" your moth with the navy... I would have thought of that too... AFTER I would have finished one NOT outlined in a dark colour :) glad you thought of it first and shared so I won't make the same mistake :)