Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Quilt Market: Windham

Windham is always the hub of booth events and brilliant fabric lines at Quilt Market in Houston. One of my favorite designers at Windham is Heather Givans, the ever-jubiliant owner of Crimson Tate. Her new line, Pencil Club, is all sugar and spice and all things pointy pencil.

She took a page out of her Jot and Literary playbook (healthy use of puns completely intended) to create this office supply-esque collection.

Of course, all of Heather's patterns can be done up in the new lines.

As much as I'm a quilter with no notable seamstress skills or aspirations, these prints are fantastic for clothing. Isn't this dress everything? I love it, and want to put my daughter in it, but swear I didn't steal it. It's not a size 6, right? Nah, I left it right there on the wee little headless figure who taunted me for my limited sewing skills. even without a mouth. That is what a responsible, non-klepto person does. Adulting...I tell you!

Sometimes I don't feel like being an adult. Instead, I want to wear this dress. I'd settle for a tiny person to put in it, but four kids is all I can keep track of at the moment.

Speaking of little, adorable things, this backpack qualifies.

The sewing applications just go on and on --- each one so stinkin' cute.

While Pencil Club is so much art class, Bungalow by Amy Gibson of Stitchery Dickory Dock is so much homey comforts.

Awwww! You can't beat eyelets with a sweet print.

Playground by Dylan M has a soft, pastel palette (with a hint of retro tones) and whimsical childhood memories captured in fabric.

Carrie Bloomston is back with big, bold colors and elephants in Wish. Zings of hot pink, red and limey yellow demand attention.

So what's your fabric mood: artistic, comforting, whimsical, or vibrant? Are these Windham lines speaking to your style?

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  1. Okay. I'm saving my money for Heather Givan's new line!