Thursday, September 4, 2014

Round Robin - Lisa's Quilt

This month, I began work on Lisa Tucker's quilt. When it arrived, the white part with the stitch and flip triangles had just been completed.

I didn't want to disrupt the stitch and flip design or terminate the medallion style, so I decided to add a border all the way around.

While it's hard to tell at a distance, the fabrics are almost exclusively batiks, so I kept with that.

I decided my contribution should bring in a bit more color, so I opted to do an inverse of the values in the precious addition.

This top is getting to be really large. I'm hoping Lisa didn't have her heart set on a wall-hanging.

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  1. I like the matching stitch and flip triangles - very nice touch!

    1. Thanks, Ruth. The stitch and flip triangles are so fun and easy to make. They're great scrap eaters too!

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks, June. I appreciate you visiting Quilting Mod.

  3. Matching up the triangles with the inverse looks so great! Wonderful addition to the quilt. :)