Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Quilt Festival: Double Wedding Ring Quilts: Here Come the Brides!

Victoria Findlay Wolfe specializes in contemporary versions of Double Wedding Ring quilts. She's even written a book on the subject. The Quilt Festival exhibit Double Wedding Ring Quilts: Here Come the Brides! featured an array of Victoria's modernized versions.
Reflect Upon Your Blessings is Victoria's representation of her reflections on her own life adventure. She imagined all the colorful pieces as the memories she's made, and the red pieces as everything yet to come.
Reflect Upon Your Blessings by Victoria Findlay Wolfe

Cloudy Day is a variation on a quilt from A Summer's Day. Victoria used an orphan block, designed a center star, then added Double Wedding Rings using a restrained fabric selection.
Cloudy Day by Victoria Findlay Wolf
White Hot Mod was created for Michele Muska's book Quilting the New Classics. Victoria likes to change one thing in the quilts she makes from patterns, so she added the pointy corner pieces.
White Hot Mod by Victoria Findlay Wolf

A Thousand Fibers Connects Us is composed of original hand-pieced melons topstitched into place with bias tape.
A Thousand Fibers Connects Us by Victoria Findlay Wolf

Green Trees, Clouds and Walt Whitman is a second iteration of Victoria's Luminous Views quilt. The Double Wedding Ring pattern was fish-eyed, and the intersections of the arcs were removed. The quilting was done by Karen McTavish.
Green Trees, Clouds and Walt Whitman

Deconstruction, a variation on Victoria's Greatest Possible Trust, was constructed from made fabrics (cutting and splicing together similarly-colored fabrics).  Manor Stripe prints from her Mostly Manor collection for Marcus Fabrics were used.
Deconstruction by Victoria Findlay Wolf
Different elements were brought together in Lost and Found in Translation. The improvised portion of the top remained on the design wall for weeks before Victoria moved forward with the resulting story of struggle between design elements.
Lost and Found in Translation by Victoria Findlay Wolf
The goal of Color Play was to explore light and value. Full melon shapes and solid fabrics were used. Two non-solid fabrics appear; can you find them?
Color Play by Victoria Findlay Wolf
If you want to learn from Victoria in person, and can get yourself to Albuquerque, check out the opportunities the Albuquerque Modern Quilt Guild is providing. If you're too far away, you can always check out her books (affiliate links):

Which quilt is your favorite? Have you ever made a double wedding ring quilt?
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  1. Fantastic quilts,love them all though my best would be the purple one.

  2. Wow! What a difference from the traditional look! Love them.