Monday, January 4, 2016

Christmas Card Holder with Kandi's Professional Touch

I realize it's a little late for Christmas festivity, but I wanted to show you my handy, dandy holiday card holder.
Steam-A-Seam II Lite was used to fuse fabric for the snow. I employed a double layer of Kona White to prevent shadowing (the blue showing through). Come to think of it, Kona Snow would have been more appropriate. Decorative buttons make up the main body, while satin stitch (widen and shorten a zig-zag stitch) composes the scarf and stick arms, with some tapering by shortening the stitch width for the twigs. Snowflake buttons were added for flare and ambience.
Then comes the sparkle! For the love of glimmer, put the fabric glue away and look for the words "hot fix" and "Swarovski" on your crystals. Glue is sticky and creates a noticeable plasticky mark everywhere it squishes out from behind your crystals. Furthermore, there's an awesome notion for this. First, set down your regular size iron, because that's like using a welding torch to roast a marshmallow, except less fun.
I recommend using Kandi's Professional Touch. Let me show you how. First, figure out which of the 8 included tips fits your crystals.

They are labeled on the side, or you can just use trial and error to see which fits snugly in the tip. (Sorry, my hand model was off for the day.)
Twist the tip onto the applicator, plug the applicator in, and turn it on.
Listen to the song to get you in the mood, and to kill 2 minutes while it heats up.

Pick up each crystal by placing the applicator tip over the pretty side and lifting up.

Wait a few seconds for the glue to melt, place the tip straight down on your fabric. Lift up right away, and the rhinestone will stay in place. Repeat the process, adding as may crystals as you like. Whatever you do, don't touch the tip while it's hot! Yowch!
Tada! Now it's all sparkly and ready for cards.
Have you ever added crystals to a quilt or sewing project? Do you have any tips for application? I mean suggestions, not the 8 included ones?
Come back soon, as I'm having a giveaway of an applicator, courtesy of Kandi Corp. shortly.
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  1. Such a cute project! I haven't set crystals on a quilt before, although I have admired many quilts with this detail. I used crystals on costumes. I have used a wand before, but the fastest method (in theatre it is all about speed!) is to place the good side of the crystals down on the surface of an electric skillet and then use tweezers to place the crystals once the glue starts to bubble.

  2. Your card holder is so cute. I have never used crystals. Didn't think they would really stick but sounds like they would with the tool.

  3. Afton, your blog is such fun to read! this is a great card holder, very imaginative. Makes me want to run out and order that crystal tool and supplies. Better finish taking the tree down first.