Sunday, July 31, 2016

A Look Inside Handiquilter

If you ever had the chance to peek inside a factory to see how they make the magic happen, where would it be? Now, I know what you're thinking...

I had an opportunity almost like that. Except it wasn't a chocolate factory, it was Handi Quilter! My golden ticket came in the form of an invitation from some very welcoming members of the Salt Lake Modern Quilt Guild. Did you know they meet at Handi Quilter headquarters?
What's more, it a veritable gallery in there!
Handi Quilter Ambassador Luke Haynes was the current featured artist, but certainly not the only quilter with work lining the walls.
Tickling the Ivories, Quilting the Blues, & Quilting Between the Lines
Every office, every wall, and every hall was adorned with spectacularly quilted works of art. 
Honestly, in my vision of utopia, this is as it should be.
Every employee had their own favorite.
And really, how could you go wrong? They were all incredible!
Zen Garden by Margaret Solomon Gunn

I'll show you some of the wondrous creations so long as you don't make me pick a singular favorite.
Sea Glass by Margaret Solomon Gunn
Closer, you say?
Sea Glass by Margaret Solomon Gunn
These blues really speak to me. And the quilting? Yes!
Nine Blocks by Marie Eldredge
I loved Handiquilter Studio Educator Marie Eldridge's pieces. They had such intricate quilting, I could just stare, and stare...
Big Dot Garden by Marie Eldridge
And I did! Then, I pulled out the camera to save a few shots for posterity.
Straight Curves by Marie Eldridge
Then I contemplated how much fawning over Marie could tolerate before being totally creeped out.
Outer Limits by Marie Eldridge
Because she was there, and super cool!
As was, Angela Walters, who made me get in the picture too, so it would be less stalker-y. So here's my picture-with-a-famous-person-so-I-look-cool-too photo. Except, I am ridiculous, and there's no disputing it. But I digress...
Finally, I wallowed in a little self-pity I don't live in Salt Lake, and I can't make it to SLMQG meetings. But not for long, because there was too much to see!
Quilts of Valor by Jodi Robinson
Both of my two brothers are mechanical engineers. I also have genetic predisposition that makes me want to take stuff apart to see how it works. Seeing this made me giddy!
Just look at all those bins of teeny, tiny parts.
I was like...

It was like a robot army of long-arms. (Perhaps I should watch fewer sci-fi movies.)
There was place for the machines to work out before they get shipped off.
Speaking of shipping, they have that under wrap--bubble wrap, to be exact.
Dang! They lost another intern. Alright, not really. This fella is their mascot.
I'm partial to another skeleton though, Frank by Cathy Wiggins. I remember her fantastic leather work at Houston Quilt Festival.
There's a fantastic classroom for long-armers attending HQU retreats.
Those preferring sit-down machines aren't left out either. Did you know Handiquilter is making domestic machines now too? So tempting...
I think they need an ambassador for this new, HQ Stitch line, and I've got just the person in mind. I'll give you a hint: she's ridiculous.
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  1. Afton, this post is amazing!! Those quilts are insane! There is so much detail and so many motifs in the quilting...I just want to sit and stare at them all. Thank you for sharing!

  2. LOL - it sounds like a good time, Afton. It's kind of crazy to think that SLMQG meets there for their meeting! Thanks for the behind the scenes photo tour.

  3. Oh my goodness! What an opportunity! I love the work of Marie as well! Thank you for the tour!

  4. I think I would go totally off the deep end too! What a fun, fun visit you had! I'm sure you could have tucked one in your bag...would they miss just one?!

  5. Sheeesh all that eye candy!

  6. Sheeesh all that eye candy!

  7. Talk about visual overload! Thanks for sharing your adventure.