Friday, July 8, 2016

Quilt Festival: Special Exhibits Part I

Let's take a tour of some special exhibits from the International Quilt Festival. In Full Bloom is a juried exhibition celebrating the tradition of flower quilts. I particularly enjoyed Sue Schlock's grayscale and yellow version of a pattern by Erin Russek.
Uptown Mimi by Sue Schlock
The hand appliqué is impeccable.
Uptown Mimi by Sue Schlock
The Texas Award Winning Quilts exhibit showcases winning traditional quilts from Texas guild shows.
Vickie Owen created Feathered Frenzy using paper-pieced patterns from Carolyn Cullinan McCormick's book A Flock of Feathered Stars.
Feathered Frenzy by Vickie Owen, quilted by Karen Nanos

Angela McCorkle drew a Diamond Log Cabin block and incorporated appliqué flowers to create Autumn Brilliance. Her palette was inspired by a colorful, striped clearance fabric. New Beginnings/Expanding Friendships by Carolyn Abbott Brainerd Minnesota in American Quilter 2004 Ultimate Projects Magazine Vol. XI No.4 was the design source.
Autumn Brilliance by Judy Wolff and Angela McCorkle
Viewpoints 9 featured the work of members who share their interpretations of a theme every other month. Isbjorn by Martha Wolfe, the exhibit's curator, was inspired by a photo by Kathy Crane of the NOAA Arctic Research Program. In her quilt description, she explains that polar bears are an indicator species and the poster children for climate change.
Challenge 7 Isbjorn by Martha Wolfe
Trilobite Trackway is Betty Busby's machine appliquéd, embroidered, and embellished exploration of extinct life forms.
Challenge 9 Trilobite Trackway by Betty Busby
Kate Themel describes her piece, Looking Back, as "an exploration of nostalgia and how it prevents us from seeing the truth about the past as well as the present."
Challenge 5 Looking Back by Kate Themel
Thanks for joining me as I reminisce about Quilt Festival. See you soon!
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