Saturday, July 2, 2016

Quilt Market: An Eclectic Assortment of Favorites

Today's Market coverage is bit of this and a bit of that---a collection of random items that I want to share because they're pretty. Hang on for a bit of a spastic ride.
Yvonne of Quilting Jetgirl asked me to catch a photo of her Beacon quilt. Seeing the quilting in person was a real treat.
I also got to see Sarah Elizabeth's Folksy Fish. I just love it!  Except my warped childhood is causing that dumb and catchy "Fish Heads" song to play in my mind. I'll spare you an embedded YouTube video in case you didn't have the same bizarre upbringing.
The Eye Candy Quilts booth was chock-full of beautiful quilts. Then again, I'm a sucker for Alison Glass prints and a navy background.
The Tonga Gypsy  Block of the Month is flat-out pretty.
Erin Wentzel could be found promoting her Doll Days book.
And check out this wall of dresses from the book!
I loved this display. I'm pretty sure my husband's unfulfilled wish is for me to organize his engineering books by color. Yeeeaaaaah! That's it.

This stellar quilt by with Victoria Findlay Wolf fabrics caught my eye.
Mmmmm....Donuts are my one weakness!
Latifah Saafir brings a heavy does of awesome to Hoffman fabrics. I love these quilts using her modern batiks, Me + You.
If that wasn't cool enough, how about some clamshells with her new Grafic fabric line? The astute observer may notice a new form of pre-cut in the photo too.
I also ran into the delightful Amber of Gigi's Thimble.
Thanks for joining me on my jaunt into the Land of Random today.
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  1. Thank you so much for sharing a photo of Beacon with me; it was exciting to know it was there. How big are those hexagon precuts? They look pretty massive!

  2. Thanks for sharing market pics! I enjoyed the eye candy! I had not heard Roly Poly Fish Heads before, I can't believe I watched to to the end.

  3. That was a fun random trip! It looks like Latifah Safir may be reviving the batik Market. Very exciting.

  4. I am loving the fishies! Market is amazing

  5. Thanks for sharing the randomness, especially the song, which I've never heard before!! :-) So... is the new precut a circle, a clamshell? Hugs, h

  6. I love the roly poly fish heads song! It is going to be playing in my head all day now :)