Monday, June 29, 2020

Teacher's Quilt: Quilting

Today I bring you a closer look at the quilting on the Teacher's Quilt.

For the block below, I used back and forth lines for the outside and to fill the continuous curve orange peels. Check out the videos below for each of these designs.

For this block I used S-curves on the outside and an echoed line of swirls for the square.


I created straight lines to divide the square and filled alternating columns with pebbles for the following block. The outside sections were filled with feathers.


I added some straight lines using a ruler foot. (For my domestic Bernina, only the medium or low shank Westalee feet fit using the adapter foot. Bernina now makes a specific ruler foot for their domestic machines.) Back and forth lines filled alternating squares of the middle.

The following block employs ruler work, ribbon candy, and a continuous curve design.



For the next block, I brought out the S-curve, straight lines, and more ribbon candy.


I went all out with a ruler work arch, rectangular pebbles, and a diagonal grid with alternating back and forth fills for the square. For the outside units, I did a feather variation.

Marking some straight lines helped me to divide sections in the square, which I filled with a wishbone design and C-curves. The outside employed ribbon candy.


I broke down the square into sections and added loops and feathers. The outside sections have moose-antler feathers.

The fun frogs got a treatment of straight line ruler work and C-curves. I did an echo for the outer shapes.


I drew in some Flying Geese and then did a Dot-to-Dot design filled with back and forth lines. Pebbles surround the inner triangles. The outer portions got some alternating larger and small loops. 

I'm all about Aurifil and it's generously-filled spools of many, many colors. To coordinate with Heather Ross's Kinder collection for Windham, I used Dusty Orange (1154), Lavender (1243), Medium Orange (5009), Pale Pink (2410), Shining Green (5017), Emerald (2865), Yellow (2135), Golden Honey (2214), and Light Turquoise (5006) in 50 and 40 wt.

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