Tuesday, June 30, 2020

You Can Toucan

I have a new finish to share with you featuring Tropical Jammin' by Black Lamb for Figo Fabrics. This is my original design, and you're welcome to test drive the pattern for me so long as you let me know if you come across any issues, and don't gripe. Also, I'd love it if you share on social media, and/or email me because I love show & tell.

I chose quilting to highlight each section. For the wings, I chose feathers, naturally!

I went with pebbles for the area around the eye, a reasonably-sized section for such as time-consuming texture.

The main body portion was done in a radiating curve that looks floral.

The background is mostly leaves done as paisleys with pointed tips.

On the bed, in the natural daylight, you can see the texture better.

I also tried out Swan Amity Gloves (courtesy of the company). They are well-constructed with quality materials including micro-suede. Compared to other brands, they don't go as far down the wrists, which made me feel a little exposed for no good reason. Showing a little lower arm doesn't exactly count as scantily clad. The tab has hook and loop fasteners, though I felt like the tab would more naturally wrap around at a diagonal angle, rather than wanting to align in the straight across position. Two fingers are cut out, which makes me feel even more insecure about my nakedness. The intention is to provide "tactile sensation". Rather than relying on rubberized fingertips to grip, there's a leather, elevated cushion in the middle of the palm for gripping. If you are accustomed to applying pressure with your palms, these gloves are well-suited. The fingertips are designed to be compatible with touch screens, which is nice. However, you will still need to take them off for threading. The seams inside the gloves fall where the nail meets the finger, so some fabric bulk is positioned just underneath the wearer's fingernails. The gloves feature breathable fabric, but may be warmer than other gloves designed specifically for quilting due to the micro-suede on the reverse side.

What are your favorite quilting gloves or gripping device for free-motion? Thanks for dropping in!

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  1. What a clever design! Did you design this? Love all that texture!

  2. How refreshing? Love the design and covet my Figo Fabrics!

  3. I use gardening gloves, which are a lot cheaper than quilting gloves and possibly better. I cut the end off the thumb and forefinger so I can pull up the bobbin thread more easily.

  4. I love your toucans, and the quilting you did was a perfect fit for all the different areas of your quilt! Such a fun quilt! Hugs, H